Welcome to the first post of my new blog!

I’m a comedian/cabaret artist combining Celtic harp, opera and stand-up comedy (I’m also addicted to World of Warcraft and think Giles from Buffy is the hottest man ever to live). As I’ve only very recently stepped into the comedy/cabaret world I thought it might be fun to document this weird and wild career change!

Firstly, my family is a bit like the mafia of the Aussie classical world. My uncle and aunt are Principal Oboe and Principal Flute respectively in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and have performed with Elton John, Nigel Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and John Farnham just to name a few. Another of my uncles was awarded an Order of Australia for his contribution to classical music even though he plays the viola (a bigger version of the violin and considered a nerdy instrument, only just beaten in geekiness by the bassoon. I won’t even go into the contra bassoon!). My mum (clarinetist) and dad (violinist) met in the orchestra for the ballet company, my father being one of the few men to prefer looking at my mother to up the ballerina’s skirts. And the list goes on…

Uninteresting side note: I am a huge John Farnham fan and the only person in my family not to have worked with him!

So, the rules growing up for me were:

Age 4 – Begin learning the piano

Age 12 – Choose your second instrument which WILL be your career!

I chose the harp, my sister chose to breeds dogs and children in tandem and prolifically.

Then after high school I caused shock waves by rebelling. At university, instead of the harp I chose to study…classical and operatic singing! Little did my family realise the worst shock was yet to come when, two years later, my cousin chose to study JAZZ singing!  (I’m not kidding, this is rebellion in our family)

From there I led a respectably sedate career playing the harp and singing Celtic ballads at folk festivals, weddings and funerals. My most memorable moment was a funeral when the travelator moving the coffin through the curtains to the crematorium glitched. It started moving backwards and forwards jerking the coffin around in a way that made one think of that timeless panel-van adage “If it’s rockin’ don’t bother knockin'”. What a way to go.

Then one day I thought, “Why not try comedy and cabaret? True, there don’t seem to be many comedians who play the harp and sing opera, but what’s the worst that can happen?” (That question will be answered in future posts)

And now, 3 years after telling my first joke on stage, desperately hoping to make a room full of strangers laugh, I’m about to do my first solo Melbourne Comedy Festival show called “The UnEnchanted Princess” at the gorgeous cabaret venue The Butterfly Club!

What’s the worst that can happen?

For a peek of what I do visit my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mslindabeatty


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